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Get to Know Us

Behind every successful project at CMC is a team of dedicated professionals who bring passion and expertise to their work every day. Meet Paul and Suzann, the talented individuals who make up the backbone of their company, driving toward new heights of achievement.

Paul Boon

Paul is a seasoned craftsman with over three decades of experience in the construction industry. Paul's journey began as a laborer thirty years ago, but his passion for the profession propelled him to specialize as a carpenter, where he found his true vocation.

Paul's exceptional craftsmanship has earned him recognition in esteemed publications like Dwell magazine, featuring homes he has skillfully built. His expertise extends beyond borders; Paul spent valuable time in Japan fine-tuning his skills, immersing himself in the nuances of Japanese construction techniques and design principles.

For the past fourteen years, Paul has co-owned CMC with Suzann, where they've garnered a reputation for excellence. Together, they prioritize environmental sustainability in their projects, ensuring each build aligns with their commitment to a greener future.

Paul's approach to construction encompasses every aspect, from conceptual drawings to final construction. His dedication to quality and innovation is evident in every project he undertakes, whether it's crafting bespoke furniture or bringing architectural dreams to life.

Suzann Rowden

Suzann is a dedicated advocate for sustainable living and green building practices. With a Master's degree in Environmental Practice, specializing in building green, and a LEED Green Associate certification, she brings a wealth of expertise to her work.

For the past 14 years, Suzann has co-owned CMC alongside her partner Paul. Together, they've led numerous projects aimed at integrating eco-friendly solutions into the built environment, emphasizing energy efficiency and sustainable materials sourcing.


In addition to her professional pursuits, Suzann boasts a strong background in bookkeeping, ensuring that projects run smoothly and efficiently. Her passion for post-modern design informs her approach, creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing spaces that prioritize environmental responsibility.

Suzann is excited to continue her journey toward a more sustainable future and looks forward to collaborating with like-minded clients and colleagues who share her vision for a greener world.

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